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Smile. Your Best Dating Accessory

                        What’s your best dating accessory? When you are getting ready to go out, I’m guessing you focus on what clothing, jewellery, make-up, handbag and shoes you will wear? You maybe try different outfits on until you find the look that you think suits you best, that makes you feel most confident, and will make the right impression on the person you are meeting. That’s great. You need to make a bit of an effort, for sure.   But you know, THE most attractive thing you could choose to wear is a smile. Not a fake, forced, nervous smile, but a warm, genuine one. This kind of smile generally comes from inner confidence, and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Yes it’s true that we judge somebody pretty much instantly, so the rest of your appearance is important, but a smile will shine brighter than anything else you could dress yourself with. I’m not suggesting you spend the whole date grinning like a Cheshire cat though!   Don’t just save that smile for dates though. Share it! Smiles cost nothing, and yet they can really brighten somebody’s day. Be generous.     By Judith Flowerday.   Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you have found it interesting or useful. Feel free to share it! You may also like to download our ‘Dating Guide’. You can get yours by signing up in the box on the right of  the Home Page here.  

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