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Norwich Elite Matchmaking Rules of Conduct

– Etiquette and Protocol

Irrespective of type or level of membership, all members will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. All members will follow Norwich Elite Matchmaking’s ‘Rules of Conduct – Etiquette and Protocol’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’. Norwich Elite Matchmaking reserves the right to terminate membership without written consent upon breach of any of these guidelines. No refunds will be given.

Members will neither solicit or engage in casual sexual activities.  Norwich Elite Matchmaking encourages and supports the nurturing and growth of long-term, healthy relationships. It would be expected that members engage in sexual activities once they have entered a monogamous relationship only.

Members will not solicit other members for financial or material gain, by direct or indirect means.

Members will comply with the recommended dress code when attending all Norwich Elite Matchmaking events and dates arranged via Norwich Elite Matchmaking. Dress should be smart/casual as a minimum standard, ideally smart. Cleanliness is a strict requirement.

All members will restrict themselves to a maximum of two alcoholic beverages at all Norwich Elite Matchmaking events and dates arranged via Norwich Elite Matchmaking. We understand the desire to feel relaxed and confident but intoxication will not make you more attractive to your potential date! Additionally, it is important to know that our members are not putting themselves into unsafe situations where they may appear vulnerable.

Member events will be supervised by Norwich Elite Matchmaking staff. However, during and following these events, and on private dates, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure your own personal safety. Likewise, you should respect the personal safety of other members.

All members will initiate a connection with other members of Norwich Elite Matchmaking solely via the Norwich Elite Matchmaking team of staff. Prior to a date you should not disclose or exchange contact information of any kind. All contact details, personal information and photographs are treated with the highest regard for confidentiality at all times, whether in electronic or paper format. Some exclusive members will be given access to basic information such as first name, photograph and matching criteria whilst in consultation with Norwich Elite Matchmaking staff. At no time will contact details be disclosed. Only with your express permission will these details be given to any member of Norwich Elite Matchmaking.

It is important to understand that Norwich Elite Matchmaking or their staff are not responsible or liable for your conduct, or the conduct of other members. We can only advise on the suggested protocol and etiquette guidelines, and not enforce them.

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