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How Does A Matchmaker Work?

So, you’ve finally got over your break-up i.e. you’ve moved away from analysing every detail towards acceptance, learning and growth. Either that or you’re wanting to move your focus onto dating after a long period of concentrating on another area of your life such as your career. Whichever it is, you woke up this morning and decided: ‘I have a good life and I’d really like to share it with someone else.’ The frustration of being ready is knowing what to do about it. It can bring about an anxious feeling of all those possible matches existing in the world but not knowing where to start to find them.

Many online dating platforms will certainly show you who’s available in your area and some even use personality testing to see who you’d best match with. However, with computer algorithms making the matches and there not being a real person to mediate, your personal information will be made public. In some cases, this can lead to disaster because there’s more opportunity for people to bend the truth about who they are and no one to pick up on it.

At Norwich Elite Matchmaking, I meet each and every person accepted on to our database. This way I can make sure all my clients are serious about dating and are who they say they are. It goes further: I get to know them. It’s my aim to build up a supportive relationship with everyone I work with. What makes you tick? What are you looking for in a relationship? What do you like to do in your spare time? Empowered with answers such as these, I use my years of experience to find the perfect match for you.

When I meet you I also find out if there’s any other support you need. Through myself and my partners we can offer relationship coaching, hair, beauty and style advice so you’re as well prepared for dating as possible. I tailor our service to your specific needs so you can use as much or as little as you require.

Once I’ve built up a rapport with you, I enter your details into my confidential database. As soon as we’ve met, I’m already mulling over who you’d match with. Even if it gets me up in the night for one of those lightbulb moments, I’m happy to do what it takes to get the right match for you. I don’t just send your match’s details by email or post, I tell you my thoughts on the match i.e. why I think it’s a good one as I believe it’s important to give a personalised opinion.

When I send out your match’s profile I try and give you just enough information to decide if you’d like to meet them. I find that sometimes factors such as age can initially put someone off a potentially good match so I’ll give you an age range for the best possible chance of success.

If both parties agree to a meet up I provide mobile numbers as a secure way to set up a date. With security being a priority, I use mobile numbers as they can be blocked should the worst happen and someone act out of turn. In my experience this has never happened due to my careful vetting process but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

So, you go on the date and to your absolute delight you’ve met the partner of your dreams. My support doesn’t stop there because I believe that keeping love is often trickier than finding it. When you’re in a new relationship, or even further down the line I offer coaching, support and guidance should you need it.

Norwich Elite Matchmaking offers a secure, supportive, dating consultancy aiming to give you as little or as much help required throughout your journey of finding love and keeping it.

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Written for Norwich Elite Matchmaking by the talented copywriter, Catherine Sellars

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