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18 Ways To Love Being Single

nQ9dfes                     So, you’re single?   Maybe you are quite enjoying the breathing space that being single gives you, or you could be feeling really sad and irritable about it.   Let’s take a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at the pleasurable bits, here’s 18 ways to love being single!
  1. You don’t have to shave your legs so frequently. (Ladies, mostly)
  2. You don’t have to hide your chocolate.
  3. You can love yourself first, and second. You can be selfish, and do what you love in your own time, on your own terms.
  4. You can put your pyjamas on at 3pm, or stay in them all day.
  5. You can continue wearing your favourite sweater long after it started falling to bits.
  6. You can wear those big old greying comfortable pants, and whip your bra off and fling it across the room as soon as you get home. (Ladies, I’m with you on this one)
  7. You can spend time with you. Just be.
  8. You can cry at soppy films, or even adverts, without feeling silly. ‘Ghost’ or ‘Marley and Me’ are perfect for this!
  9. You can spend time with friends without worrying about rushing home to cook dinner or clean up.
  10. You can leave the housework a while longer.
  11. You can hog the remote control and shout at the TV.
  12. You can hog the bed. Starfish anyone?
  13. You can always leave the toilet seat down, or up. (Delete as appropriate)
  14. You can sing into your hairbrush and dance in the lounge while watching Mamma Mia. (Ladies, mostly).
  15. You can play air guitar and throw yourself around in a demented fashion, red-faced and childishly excited (men, mostly).
  16. You can treat yourself, without feeling guilty. Soak in the bath until your toes shrivel up, read a book in bed, eat toast in bed, light a fragranced candle just for you, get a massage. Do what feels good.
  17. You must accept that some people will assume that you are desperate to be in a relationship and your life is somehow lacking in fulfilment.
  18. You can flirt a little (or a lot), if you want to, and simply enjoy it for its own sake.
  By Judith Flowerday, matchmaker, life and relationship coach at Norwich Elite Matchmaking.   Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. I hope you have found it interesting or useful. Feel free to share it! You may also like to download our ‘Dating Guide’. You can get yours by signing up in the box on the right of  the Home Page here.